Paititi Solid Wood Upgraded Ebony Fitted Viola

  • This is a very beautiful student viola starter kit that comes complete with one (1) Brazilwood bow, a high quality lightweight viola case and accessories.
  • This viola is made of finest solid maple wood, set up and ready to play. This viola has beautiful inlaid purfling, and pegs, chinrest are made from ebony wood. Tailpiece is made alloy with four (4) high quality built in fine tuner.
  • Bow has double pearl eye, genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair. Straight and well balanced.
  • Lightweight triangular case has rain proof canvas exterior and shoulder straps with sheet music pocket and accessory compartment, cases has two bow holders and a matching blanket.

QF28 Viola Case

Professional Viola Case

$ 149.99

Lightweight Oblong Case

Lightweight Viola Case

$ 99.59


Triangular Viola Case

$ 49.99

Viola Bow

Viola Brazilwood Bow

$ 99.99

Viola Bridge

Fitted Viola Bridge

$ 9.99


High Quality Rosin

$ 13.99